There are many recruiters to choose from. If you’re a software professional considering new career opportunities, why should you have Phil Hurd as a partner in your job search?

  • Expertise. I earned a BSEE/MSEE, and was a computer engineer before becoming a search and placement professional. You’ll be represented by someone who understands what you do and knows how to leverage that understanding to create opportunities for you.
  • Reputation. Over 60 LinkedIn recommendations attest to my integrity and effectiveness.
  • Network. I have personally placed, or been involved with placing, several thousand software engineers over my career, and have built a deep network with VP/Directors of Engineering, CEO’s, HR, and other decision-makers. I can open doors for you, help improve your resume, prepare you for interviews, and help you negotiate a strong offer package.
  • No BS. I don’t like when a salesperson pressures me or isn’t looking out for my interests before theirs, and I’m sure you don’t want that from a recruiter. You’re a professional, so am I, and my approach reflects that philosophy. And specifically, I will NEVER submit your resume to any company without prior discussion and buy-in from you.
  • Respect. I never forget that this is your job search and your life, and our interactions will first and foremost reflect that philosophy.

Recruiting for software engineers, software QA professionals, devops and systems engineers, product managers, and other information technology people. Successfully completed search assignments from “first job out of college” up to and including VP/CTO. Client companies are often startups or smaller companies, but also medium and larger fast-paced entrepreneurial organizations.

A partial, non-exhaustive listing of the technologies and industry verticals I’m involved with:

  • Java / J2EE / Java EE
  • JavaScript: Backbone, Ember, Angular, React, MEAN
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Scala
  • Golang
  • Groovy, Grails
  • C++
  • C# / .NET
  • Web applications: data-driven, highly-scaled
  • Distributed systems
  • Big data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Storage
  • Mobile: iOS, Android
  • Virtualization
  • UI / UX
  • Data science
  • Cloud computing: public AWS/Azure and private
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, text processing and search technologies
  • Adtech, data analytics, healthcare, fintech, enterprise software, consumer, gaming, transaction processing, edtech, bioinformatics/pharma