What Do Software Engineers Want?

The competition for good software engineers is fierce these days. Software engineering recruitment in Boston and NYC isn’t easy, and is a pain point for most growing companies.

The perks that are being offered nowadays to lure good software candidates are extensive. It reminds me, frankly, of the dot-com bubble in the late 1990’s. Software engineers these days are wooed with things like craft beer on tap, game rooms, free meals prepared by a gourmet chef, onsite yoga classes, and more.

While no doubt engineers love these things (who wouldn’t?), when I interview software developers and ask them what they’re looking for in their next job, these exotic perks are virtually never mentioned.

What DO the good engineers generally want, and what causes them to join a company? It’s very simple. I hear the same wish list all the time:

The opportunity to work on technically interesting, meaningful projects, with good colleagues, within a decent, occasionally flexible work environment, with a market-rate salary.

If your company has all these things, I suggest you emphasize them in your recruiting messages. If your company doesn’t, all the craft beer in the world won’t cover it up.

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