Oculus Search Partners Expands to Silicon Alley

Oculus Search Partners NYC software recruiter

I’ve been a top software recruiter for Boston for a long time. I continue to be excited by the constant innovation happening in Boston, Cambridge, and the surrounding towns. There’s a lot of great entrepreneurial companies seeking to hire software engineers. The software engineering job market in Boston is extremely robust, and I’m right in the middle of it, working with many intriguing, growing companies to find the best talented people available.

The New York City metro area has also developed a great software culture, also extremely vibrant. In addition to my Boston work, I’ve started to develop client companies and a network of good software developers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and surrounding communities. Good opportunities exist for software engineers who know Java, Ruby, Python, .NET, automated testing, and DevOps.

Are you a software engineer in NYC that’s seeking your next opportunity? Are you at a company looking to hire into your technology team? Please introduce yourself — I’d love to help. Drop me a line at phil@oculussearch.com