Hello World!

I’m Phil Hurd, and I’m a recruiter. Today is the one-week anniversary of my new venture, Oculus Search Partners LLC.

Almost thirty years ago, when giant minicomputer companies ruled the earth, I left my safe and predictable career as a hardware engineer to begin a new adventure as a technology recruiter, and discovered — somewhat amazingly, given that I see myself as somewhat of a polite introvert — that not only did I like building relationships, uncovering needs of clients and candidates, and making matches, but I was pretty good at it.

Recruiting has been an amazing career for me since that day in 1987 when I switched gears, I learned the business at Winter Wyman, a well-established large recruiting firm, then co-founded Lynx, Inc., a smaller agency, and spent the last 23 years there. But eventually I got the itch to follow in my late father’s footsteps, and be a “one man band.”

Now, it’s time for “Act 4” for me, with the launching of Oculus Search Partners. My goal here is to be very small (just me), yet have a big impact by working very closely with just a handful of great client companies and candidates at a time.

Why Oculus? My talented wife, Jan, came up with the name. I didn’t know, and maybe you don’t either, that oculus is Latin for eye, which seemed to fit a business that searches out the best and brightest, and in design, an oculus is an round, eye-like opening, sometimes in a dome or ceiling, that lets in light, which also made sense. And lastly, the French call it an oeil de boeuf, or “bulls-eye”, which sealed the deal — what recruiting firm doesn’t want to hit bulls-eyes? I put the word “Partners” in the name, because I want to be a true partner to those companies looking for the best talent, and to individuals who want to find their next meaningful career opportunity.

I’m excited for what’s to come, and I look forward to connecting with you. On to Week Two!

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  1. Matthias Leitzmann says:

    Good luck, Phil! Your future clients are in excellent hands – I have no doubt about your ensuing success. Cheers.

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